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Carotid Artery Surgery


If your carotid artery is severely blocked more than 60-70% and is causing you to have symptoms, or you have a blockage of more than 80% without any symptom, you may benefit from a procedure to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke.

At South Charlotte General and Vascular Surgery, our carotid artery disease specialists offer the latest state-of-the-art vascular surgery procedures to correct vascular disease complications and get patients on the fast track to good health. Book an appointment here.

How is carotid artery blockage treated?

 Carotid endarterectomy is an open surgical procedure which involves making an incision in your neck, opening the artery, and cleaning the plaque buildup.


Carotid angioplasty and stenting is an endovascular treatment which involves passing a catheter into the blocked artery in your neck, usually coming up from artery in your groin. Once the catheter is in the proper place, the balloon is inflated to open the blood vessel, and a stent is deployed in the artery to keep the blood vessel open.


More recently, a third treatment combining both a small incision and a stent (TICAR procedure) to minimize stroke complications provides excellent outcomes.


What are the risks of these procedures?

 Both procedures are relatively well tolerated by patients, but it is important that you discuss with your surgeon the risks of each procedure which may include:

  • Stroke during or after the procedure
  • Heart complications if you have an underlying heart problem
  • Other complications related to undergoing anesthesia


Is it safe for me to have a procedure?

 Most patients can tolerate the procedure well. At South Charlotte General and Vascular Surgery, we are committed to your vascular health.  Our carotid artery disease specialists will spend all the time you need to discuss the indications, risks and benefits of the procedure before you proceed. We work very closely with your primary doctor to get you back home quickly and safely should you need to have a procedure done.

 Book an appointment here with one of our experts to discuss your carotid artery disease or if you suspect you may have this condition.


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