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Noninvasive Vascular Lab


Vascular testing is an essential and vital part of determining vascular health and diagnosing many vascular conditions that can lead to more serious medical conditions. SCGVS Vascular and Vein Center is home to a noninvasive vascular lab accredited by the Inter-Societal Accreditation Commission (ICAVL) and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) right here in South Charlotte. Only a small number of vascular testing facilities nationwide have achieved this combined accreditation, making SCGVS one of the highest-quality facilities for fast and accurate diagnostic information in the region. If you need vascular testing, call us to schedule your consultation or book online.


What is a noninvasive vascular laboratory?

Our non-invasive vascular laboratory allows our vascular specialists and our highly trained technologists to maintain your vascular health and detect any vascular diseases that you might be experiencing. Our noninvasive tests require no blood work and no needles. Your comfort and is our top priority.


What tests do noninvasive vascular labs allow?

SCGVS Vascular and Vein Center performs tests designed to identify and evaluate most vascular diseases including varicose veins and other more serious vascular conditions including:

The most commonly performed include:

Ankle-brachial index or ABI:

Similar to a standard blood pressure measurement, the ankle-brachial index (ABI) allows our vascular surgeons to measure blood flow in your legs and arms. The test makes use of a blood pressure cuff to measure circulation between your ankles and arm and allows your vascular specialist to determine if the blood flow to the ankle and feet is effective and sufficient.


Duplex ultrasound

This ultrasound test is a non-invasive test that allow our vascular specialists to evaluate blood flow in your arteries and veins. An ultrasound test can identify blockages that can lead to serious complications such as abdominal pain, kidney blockage, aneurysmal disease, and stroke. It is also used look at the veins in your legs and identify any leaking valves as well as localize which veins are working well and which ones are not.


What can I expect during noninvasive vascular laboratory testing?

All tests performed at SCGVS Vascular & Vein Center are non-invasive and range from simple to complex and are typically not uncomfortable for our patients. During an ABI test for blood flow, our certified vascular technologists only need to access to your arm and ankle to apply the pressure cuff. Loose fitting clothing is helpful for your comfort and to allow ease of access to the measurement sites.

During a duplex ultrasound test, our technologists will need to apply a clear gel to the treatment areas. This gel helps provide a clearer image for the ultrasound and will be removed following the test. Again, loose, comfortable clothing is helpful, as you might need to remove certain garments depending on the test area.


Are you concerned about the appearance of your veins or have experienced symptoms of leg pain?

A few simple tests at SCGVS Vascular & Vein Center, right here in South Charlotte, can quickly assess your vascular health and determine the best course of treatment. To schedule your consultation, call us or book your appointment online.


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